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2011 What was good for you

As most of you know my blogs are about real estate because this is a real estate page. My job is to stay on top of the changes of our industry and inform you – my friends and clients of those changes. By the way I love my job.

But today I want to look back on 2011.

How was your year?

What significant things will you look back on and say ‘Wow 2011 what a great year’

For me 2011 was a great year personally.

My youngest son healed from a close call with another quad, my oldest son graduated from college, my oldest daughter got engaged to a boy who treats her well and Kelly and I are happy. Some things happen in your life that are sad but make you stronger. My sons accident was one of those and this month was the 10 year anniversary of my uncle’s death. Dave was a great man, got the Medal of Bravery from the Government of Canada but most importantly made people smile and feel great about themselves.

Out in the real world so many things happened. Earthquakes, tsumani’s, people fighting and people sitting in parks occupying space and thinking they are doing something. Oh ya then there was that Bin Laden guy.

Yes they were all bad but so many good things happened. We got to experience the life of Steve Jobs. This year Steve left us but we can say we experienced the time with arguably one of the greatest inventors of anytime. Jobs gave our lives so much and pushed technology so fast that others had to keep up or fall off the playing field. We got to experience that time in history.

Google again made large leaps in how people found out information, social networks rose unbelievably in numbers and less and less people are buying newpspapers because of it. Personally I have a computer, a laptop, an iPad and and Iphone. I don’t remember that last time I bought a newspaper. I Google it.

For me its been a year of growth. In real estate its been a year where all of us had to admit the market has changed. In my personal life its been a good year.

So what will 2011 mean to you? What do you remember about 2011?

Get ready 2012 is looking like a wild ride! Are you ready?

Have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2012

Ken Devoe

Century 21 Advantage


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