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Ground Werx Coatings

Recently I had an experience where a local company really had a profound impact on me. It was nothing to do with real estate but it made me think. What other local companies are around that help people in their daily lives that could be of benefit for my clients. I thought I would write the occasional blog to promote such companies.
My first blog is about a company I heard about through a local paper. The Lacombe Globe did an article on this guy who lost his job during the recession a few years ago and made lemonade out of a lemon. The company is Ground Werx Coatings and they do seal coating for driveways. Lawrence Hiebert is the owner/operator. His process is simple, Lawrence will come to your home and refresh your old asphalt driveway. Ground Werx concentrates on acreages and parking lots basically because the equipment he uses requires a bigger area and as he explains to me the smaller driveways in town can be done by the home owner. Ground Werx does not have a set price per job because every job is different, because of size and condition of your driveway or parking lot before he starts.
Lawrence is a true entrepeuner. He has started a company during a down turn in the economy. His biggest issue would seem to be the unpredictable Alberta weather. With our summers sometimes being short and active weather wise, the seal coating season is usually from middle of May to the middle or late September.
If you would like more information from Lawrence about having your acreage driveway or parking lot done take a look at his website at or call at 403-318-3006.
You can also see the article I talked about at: Lacombe Globe article

Watch for Ground Werx at local home and trade shows this summer.

Good luck to Lawrence and please keep checking back for more local businesses.

Thanks for reading
Ken Devoe – Century 21 Advantage


2 comments on “Ground Werx Coatings

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  2. Aldray Defcel
    March 7, 2012

    Great! This is the best post I read. All the information above regarding real estate in Red Deer caught my attention. It can helps me to gain more knowledge regarding this matter. Thanks and keep posting!

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