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Open Houses – Are they worth it?

As a consumer do you think open houses are worth having and attending?

If you were selling your home would you want your Realtor to host open houses?

As a buyer do you go to them?

For me – the Realtor –  I like them.

When you hire me to sell your home I will try any means I can to sell your place. An open house is just another form of advertising that shows your property to prospective buyers. I find it more effective than any newspaper ads. A newspaper ad will tell you the normal ‘4 bedroom 3 bath 1800SF 2 storey priced at $479,000’ with a grainy picture. Where as an open house you see the real house in real life.

By the way I am doing an open house on 134 Sutherland Close in beautiful Southbrook this weekend:

Please stop by either Saturday or Sunday 2-4

So for me open houses are a valuable tool, the more people that see your house the better chance you will sell.

If you are thinking of selling I would love the opportunity to come over, view your home and do my evaluation. Hopefully one day you will allow me to host an open house on your home.

Thanks for reading

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2 comments on “Open Houses – Are they worth it?

  1. Mike
    February 9, 2012

    Nice post Ken,

    I like open housing as well. Especially early in a listing, because as we know the more eyeballs that look at a house early on, the more likely they will spread the word about the home. Which will increase the probability of finding that perfect buyer faster than without open housing (of course staging the home will help as well, if it shows nice people will spread the word, if it shows like a piece of crap – well nobody is going to tell others about it!).

    Yes, it is true most people who come through the open house will not buy that home, but for every person through there is a possibility they may know someone looking for a home just like the one they viewed. In order to find the right buyer, you want as many people helping spread the word as possible. Looking at an ad in the paper does nothing, the majority of buyers start online now. Paper as a form of advertising is dying, you have to get people into the real thing.

    Happy selling Ken 🙂

    • Ken Devoe Realty
      February 9, 2012

      Thanks for your input Mike. I agree with your comments about knowing someone who might like the house. You just never know. I usually recommend open houses every 3-4 weeks on my listings, to many and you are wasting your time but more importantly your clients time.
      I do have a story for you. I did an open house in January, a couple came through and bought it. So they do work every once in a while.

      Thanks for your comments Mike

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