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10 Things to think about now that it is spring

1. Look at your front yard

2. Does your sidewalks and driveway need to be steamed off?

3. Are your flower beds cleaned up. I know its still a little early to be planting but clean them up and make then more appealing

4. Check your windows and doors for wear over the winter, does any work need done?

5. Did your fence hold up over winter? Do you ned new latches or maybe a hockey puck broke a few of the pickets.

6.Check the drainage off the house. Are you eaves and downspouts all in normal working order.

7. Your back deck, do you need to restain? fix a few floorboards?

8. Will your shed need any repairs this year?

9. Inside make sure your sump pump is working properly, if not replace it. Spend the extra a few bucks and get a good quality one.

10. Drive to your nearest beer store and start stacking up. Within a few days your friends are gonna want to come over and look at your yard because you have done everything I suggested.

Thanks for reading

Ken Devoe -Century 21 Advantage


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Ken Devoe is a licensed REALTOR ® with Century 21 Advantage in Red Deer Alberta

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