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Sisson Ave Fire – Red Deer Homes

Anyone who knows me knows that fire is my biggest fear. Fire has no boundaries on what it will take. Last night there was a fire in Red Deer. 3 homes were destroyed. I stopped by today for two reasons. 1st was to see the devastation and face my fear. 2nd was to say a quiet word for the people involved. Builders will rebuild, families are affected long term. Both are hurt and scared by last nights event.

The questions are already on twitter about house safety. Are houses to close together? My thoughts are yes. I really believe our houses need to be farther apart. How far though? With our new developments the majority of our houses are either modified bilevels or 2 storeys. These houses tower over the street and seem to be touching each other.

I am not blaming the City of Red Deer for the size of lots, go to any city in Alberta and you will see the same thing happening. Our city officials do a great job running our city. The width of lots is much bigger than a Red Deer thing.

Something needs to change but what?

Is the answer wider lots?

Better more flame resistant building materials?

I know there are products on the market that are more fire retardant than the average house is built out of but the problem is if you are buying a house for $500,000 can you afford another $50-60K for upgraded materials?

Hopefully nobody was hurt last night. My heart goes out to the families affected. A fire never leaves your memory. Also a big thank you to our emergency services who were still there this morning dousing one of the houses. These men and ladies put their lives on the line for us everyday and I am proud to say I know a few of them.

Below are a few pictures of the area this morning. Hopefully we will see less and less of this in the coming years.

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