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Kens Top Ten Renovations

Are you thinking of a renovation? Its spring and almost everyone is thinking of fixing or upgrading something in their home. So where should your money go?

Here are my Top Ten renovation tips:

1. Windows – windows are usually one of the most expensive reno’s you can do but have the most impact in a home. Old windows may be allowing moisture in; new windows are clean, usually allow more natural light and are usually maintenance free.

2. Roof – One of the more important structural parts of your home and should not be ignored. Roofs should last about 20 years so you may never have to replace shingles but if you happen to there are a lot of great products out there and come in many colors.

3. Furnace – Your furnace not only heats your home but can cool it in summer. I run my furnace most of the year for that exchange of air. A new furnace will burn less natural gas and also burn cleaner. Furnaces in the past 10 years have come a long way with efficiency and size.

4. Kitchen – If you are thinking of selling your home the biggest factor is a kitchen. Kitchens make or break a sale in a lot of cases. Cheaper renovations in the kitchen are paint, tile back splashs, new hardware for cabinets and new countertops. More expensive is a total do over.

5. Bathrooms – Dirty old bathrooms turn people off a house quickly. A total renovation is always best but a new coat of paint, new toilet and vanity go a long way.

6. Flooring – New flooring in a home or a single room completely changes the look and feel.

7. Basement – Basements are usually the last place people think about renovating. This is typically because of cost. People usually do not want to spend that much on a room they only visit an hour or two a day.

8. Lights – It may sound silly but new lights in a home give it a new feeling. If your lights are 15-20 years old they may be showing their age and dating your home.

9. Decks – People love decks. Decks are where people gather in the spring and summer. I personally love decks and peoples imaginations with their deck.

10. Fence – People seems to fix their fence last so I put it here last. Fences give you privacy and keeps your children a little safer.

While most of these renovations are somewhat expensive some are cheap. Do what you can afford one step at a time. I would recommend a savings account set up just for the renovations. If you are a home owner you should be putting money aside for the major fixes such as the furnace and hot water tank, roof and windows. Remember also that some renovations may cost you a little more than first anticipated, there are sometimes hidden problems.

One of the great things about home ownership is you can do any renovation you would like (within the law and city bylaws). If you want to paint your whole house pink on the inside you can although I would not recommend it.

If you are thinking of selling your home and want to know which reno’s bring the best return please do not hesitate to call me at anytime 403-350-1192.

Thanks for reading

Ken Devoe – Century 21 Advantage

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