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Geeky Realtor?

Yesterday I was called a GEEK – the day before that I was called a GEEK

Am I a geek because other people call me one? No.

Am i a geek? Ya probably. I love computers and new technology. We realtors just got a new operating system called the Matrix. Although it was not my decision alone to implement its use I am the one who is doing our training of the system to our realtors and helping them learn how to use it. Personally I think it’s a great system and will serve our members greatly but it does have a learning curve.

So what does that have to do with you my clients and potential clients you may ask? I am a geek yes, but one of the things I realize is that you the clients are the ones that matters. Its not how many computers devices I have (4 by the way) it’s how I interact with you. Do I show confidence? Do I respect your wishes? Am I honest with you about your wants and needs? Your biggest concern when hiring a realtor should be is this realtor going to tell me what I want to hear or what I need to hear.

My goal with every client is to make them happy. I want them to get what they need and want. Now how does being a geek matter. Being a geek means I know how to use the latest technology to get the most out of the web to expose your property to many people or if you are buying find you that perfect home. Being a geek means that I will not spend a lot of time trying to adjust to changing technology and be available to you more showing you more houses.

Realtors should be able to walk into a house see what it has, see what it needs and know its current value. Computers help but a realtor has to have that built in knowledge of houses. Being a ‘geek’ I know how to use the computer systems we have to make my life easier but it’s being with you – in houses that makes me successful.

If you are looking to buy a home or thinking of selling your existing one please contact me and we can sit down and talk, get you moving in the right direction.

Thanks for reading

Ken Devoe – Century 21 Advantage

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