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Bike Lanes in Red Deer

While I usually stick to real estate in my blogs today I want to talk about the bike lanes around Red Deer. The topic has become a hot topic on twitter and facebook over the past few weeks. Here is my opinion.

I like the concept. Whenever a city tries to get its citizens to be more active I think it’s wonderful. Red Deer started trying many years ago with the trail systems for walking, biking or rollerblading. Our trail system is beautiful and my wife and I use them probably 250 days a year. Then the city built the outdoor work out stations and people wondered what the heck they were doing. But I have gone past a few of them this summer and more people are using them. Twitters timelines are filled with personal trainers using our parks, trails and outdoor gym locations for sessions.

Now we have bike lanes. I do have to be honest and tell you I am frustrated with the extra traffic in one lane as opposed to 2. My big moment is the school year. Will the students use he bike lanes? I have noticed that most of the lanes in the SE corner are close to schools or is it that there are schools everywhere? I am hoping students on bikes use the bike lanes and reduce parents picking up students.

I have read a few other bloggers opinions about the bike lanes. I do have to say Red Deer is passionate. Some like them some hate them. I personally am on the fence, I like the concept but hate the 40th ave one. Drivers are confused with lane changes for turning lanes. A few bike lanes are alright but the city seems to of gone bike lane crazy. But I believe in our city, our local elected city officials and the people of Red Deer that this thing will straighten out and people will get accustomed to them. Plus in 2 months it’s winter, the roads will start getting covered in snow.

The City of Red Deer has a survey on there website: City of Red Deer

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