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When September Ends Its October

October – I hate October (not my usually positive self)

Reasons why I hate October:

– the weather starts getting cold

-we are not outside as much

October should have been called BLAHHHHH. I think as Canadians we are so much happier and healthier during the summer. We are outside enjoying the good weather, the fresh air and the sun on our faces. If I could make one suggestion is that everyone makes it their mission to get out everyday, face the sun and stretch for a few minutes. Even when its 30 below it is amazing how good that makes you feel. Maybe even pretend you are in your happy place (on a tropical beach somewhere) and get that fresh air stretching in every day.

As far as real estate here is my opinion:

-September is typically my busiest month

-people who are still trying to sell their home are realizing the sale may take longer than they wanted

-Sales last October in Red Deer was 127 homes

-September 2011 there were 118 sales so the market actually picked up in October

-Sales for September 2012 (todays the 30th) are at 137 up 14% from last year

I wonder if that is going to continue this month? There are no indications to me that say the market is cooling. There are a lot of good buys out there in Central Alberta. If you are quick you will not be moving during a snow storm!

Three things you should be doing around your house this next few weeks

1) Put away your garden hoses. Disconnect them from your house, drain them and put them away somewhere

2) Clean out the leaves in your gutters. Keep them clean for the spring thaw and rains

3) Use your fall fertilizer to keep your grass protected and healthy through this freeze that is coming

Thanks for reading

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