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Christmas – Ken Style

Its Christmas

Christmas is by far my favorite part of the year minus the cold weather and snow. To me Christmas is not about presents anymore. When my boys were young we had that stage, mad shopping until you drop. I loved that stage and I miss my kids waking up in the morning and be so excited to rip apart the presents to see what Santa brought them.

Now its different, my boys are in their 20s, bigger than me and probably be able to take me if they wanted to (guys will understand how painful that is to admit). They have grown to be great gentlemen and I am proud of them. Its strange watching 2 boys grow from their under 10 pound start to now. I got remarried a few years ago, Kelly brought in 4 girls to our dysfunctional (show me functional family right 🙂 ) family and from there we have 3 beautiful grandkids. Kelly and I are not always happy with OUR kids decisions but we love all nine of them. That’s normal right?

See for me Christmas is about looking back on your year – were you your best! Did you do everything possible to be the best person you can? What can you do better in 2013?

Life is not about work or money. It is about living your life surrounded by the people you love and respect. I know I can be better in 2013 than I was in 2012. Family, community and work relationships can be better.

So you can see why I love Christmas, it is a time to reflect and to look ahead. I truly hope you have a great Christmas and a fabulous 2013. Set some goals both personally and professionally, share them with your spouse and work together to achieve them.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours

Be safe out there

Thanks for reading

Ken Devoe – Century 21 Advantage


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