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Moving to Red Deer or Central Alberta?


Well 2013 has started out a little slow for real estate in Red Deer. The amount of sales for the first half of January are down from the first half of January 2012. Our inventory of available houses is also down so I think that is part of the issue. There are buyers out looking but I think they are just not finding the right house yet. I still believe 2013 will be a year where you will see more people moving into our area to live, our housing prices are very competitive to the rest of Alberta, our location cannot be beat with being right in the middle of Edmonton and Calgary. Central Alberta is a great place to raise your family and I think we will see a lot of people moving here in 2013.

So what does that mean for the current residents. Expect new neighbours on your street. Next time you are driving in any subdivision take a look for real estate signs, in spring time it is hard to drive down any street and not see a house for sale. Most people move every 5-7 years so out of the closest 20 houses 2-3 of them may go on the market sometime this year. Will it be you?

A few things I tell my clients before putting the house on the market is to declutter and clean. I have shown some places that did not listen to that advice. Its tough for a buyer to see the full potential of a house that is in disarray. Spend a few hours and organize and purge, it will make for a quicker sale and probably more money.

Families moving to Red Deer or Central Alberta need to know each area and what it provides. I recently had a young family move from another province. They needed a home that the entire family would be comfortable in, enough space, close to good schools, playgrounds, walking trails, etc. After searching for weeks we found them the perfect place. If you are moving from another province please let me know how I can help.

Just some random thoughts on the local area. Central Alberta is a beautiful place that is desirable for young families. Let me know how I can help you move here.

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