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Rain Rain Please Come

Apparantly the City of Calgary has a high rainfall warning. We are scheduled to get some but not to the extent of Calgary, according to the weather people anyway and they are never wrong (yes thats a dig). We need rain and lots of it in Alberta so I hope we get some.

When a heavy rain fall is forecasted I always think of our downspouts. Please make sure your downspouts on your house are down are pushing the water away from your house. For a few dollars you can buy extensions to move the water further away. Rain barrels are also a great things for collecting the water and storing it for future use in your garden. More things to think about for spring rain is:

Sump Pump – if you have a sump make sure its working, having a back up sitting and waiting is never a bad thing.

Ground Level around the house – Do you have any holes and lower ground where water can sit?

Window wells – do you have drains in yours?

Eavestroughing – Make sure they are cleaned out and able to absorb the water. I think the most neglected chore of home ownership is the eaves as they fill will leaves, branches and dirt and become plugged.

Have a great spring and if we get this Calgary rain, hunker down, enjoy the show and watch our beautiful city get cleaner.

Remember I can show you or any of your friends who are looking for a new house in the rain. Like the US Postal Service says ‘ no rain, no snow, no sleat…

Thanks for reading

Ken Devoe – Century 21 Advantage


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