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Best way to leave a house

As realtors we see hundreds of homes a year. Every one is unique, some clean some less than so. Every house is a castle – to someone. My home may not be right for you and yours not right for me.

This week I had a family get a new home. New to them anyway. It was a resale home in Penhold – one of our great bedroom communities around Red Deer. My clients received the home the way everyone wants to walk into their home the first time. The home was spotless, in great shape and a few small unexpected extras there awaiting them. My clients were excited before they walked in, its finally moving day. When they walked in they were equally as excited. As a realtor I knew the options that could have been there but this home was clean and welcoming. I have seen the other side. My clients are now somewhat settled in the home they love. Its been a few days now and I am still over the moon at the class of the previous owners. Big things that matter when moving out of your house – be clean, no damage and no water in the basement (another story for another day). Small things when moving out of your house – being absolutely spotless, leaving the trucks in the sandbox for my clients little boy and a little basketball net and ball in the playroom.

Small things matter folks. Leave a home the way you would like to receive it.

Thanks for being good people.

Thanks for reading

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