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Home Buyers

When you are ready to buy your home there are steps to follow in order to make a wise decision. Each step is important for many reasons. First is so you do not set your expectations to high. Secondly is time, we do not want to waste time looking at the wrong homes as we may lose the right one.

1. Contact mortgage broker – Whether you go with your bank or a mortgage broker for your mortgage they should be your first call. Find out what your limit is, what the payments would be and figure out your comfort level for a mortgage. I recommend not spending your limit, there are always unexpected costs of home ownership.
2. Sit and look at the computer – Most listings have good pictures, most you can get a good feel for the property based on the pictures.
3. Eliminate houses based on size, bedrooms and area – We should be able to eliminate a lot of houses and focus on a small group to view based on what we learn from looking on the computer and talking.
4. Set up appointments to view the different homes – Once we narrow down to what you like, we go out and view a bunch. I recommend viewing about 6-8 to start. That will tell us what you like, what you do not like and we should be able to narrow down from there. You might even find the right house that day.
5. View houses close to what we are looking for – After we narrow down your search we should be able to find something close to what you want.
6. Write an offer to purchase – When we find the right house we write an offer to purchase. This is a document that all realtors in Alberta use and is enforced and governed by the laws of Alberta. I will explain what every section means as we write it up.
7. Negotiate a fair price – This is where a realtor really helps. When we write an offer to purchase it is my job to show you comparable sales in the area so we can make an educated and fair offer on the home. The one downside of our market is that it is forever changing and some houses are overpriced, it is our job to find a fairly priced home and my job to negotiate the best possible price for you.
8. Meet conditions (financing and inspection) – When we have an agreement in place on a price we will have to do a few things before the house is yours. First your mortgage broker will need the paperwork to get your final approval on your mortgage. Next we will need to do an inspection, if you want to, to make sure there are no defects in the property that would cost a great amount to fix.
9. Possession Day – The day you cannot wait for. On possession day your lawyer will have your mortgage money transferred to the sellers’ lawyer. When the money transfer happens we will get the keys for the house. We will then meet at the house and do a walkthrough to make sure the house is in the same condition as when we wrote the offer.


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Ken Devoe is a licensed REALTOR ® with Century 21 Advantage in Red Deer Alberta

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